by berry robertson

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Verse 1:

what happened to above

what happened to beyond

what happened to 2 am late night phone calls

coughing butterflies out of our lungs, suffocating

on promises what clearly weren’t enough

and you stood there completely unaware

but I didn’t say a word, no I didn’t dare

waited two whole fucking years

we didn’t even last one

now look what we’ve become


and you can run but those who do aren’t truly happy

with who they are, so they’ll go find better company

becoming outlines and shadows of people I once kenw

and there you go too


you’re fading out, you’re fading out

can’t you see

you’re fading out, you’re fading out

a flashlight flickering

in the darkness surrounding who you are

and suppose to be

you’re fading, you’re fading from me

oh oh oh oh x 2

Verse 2:

friends talk and friends laugh and friends hug each other

but now it’s just cold glances and bumping shoulders

the word okay spilling like poison from my lips

did you even really want this

and I’ll go out dancing alone tonight

but it won’t feel exactly right

cause we moved perfectly in sync

like little puppets on fragile strings

tangled in the broken memories




I dare you to look me right in the eyes

and state for the first time the real reason why

you acted like a child

sticks and stones breaking bones

but words shattered my heart

Third Pre-Chorus:

and you can run and go find somebody new

and I’ll be left with my yellow heart

turning a deeper shade of blue

cause you burned bridges

with the spark between us two

what did you do

Normal Pre-Chorus

Normal Chorus

Final Chorus:

you’re fading out, you’re fading out

you don’t want me

you’re fading out, you’re fading out

the flashlight isn’t flickering

it’s dark and it’s dead and now I cannot see

that you’ve faded, you’ve faded from me

oh oh oh oh x 3


released June 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Berry Robertson Portland, Oregon

a small, queer, caffeine addicted self taught singer/songwriter from the PDX area.

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